At AG Design we take pride in our commitment to both environmental responsibility and product quality. With more than 20 years in the industry, specializing in production of high quality interior decoration products, we have several distinguished certifications that emphasize our dedication.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification exemplifies our sustainable approach to sourcing materials. It signifies that our raw materials come from responsibly managed forests, promoting biodiversity and preserving ecosystems. By adhering to FSC standards, we ensure that our wall murals are not only captivating but also eco-friendly.

Furthermore, our dedication to indoor air quality is reflected in our Greenguard Gold certification. This prestigious recognition underscores our pledge to produce items that contribute to healthier indoor environments. Our wall murals with Greenguard Gold certification emit minimal levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), promoting cleaner air and improved well-being for the spaces they adorn.

At AG Design, our certification stand as testaments to our dedication to crafting exquisite interior decorations while upholding the highest standards of sustainability and health-consciousness. We invite you to experience the beauty, quality, and responsible ethos that define our brand.


Greenguard Gold Certificate

Elevate your space with confidence using our products, backed by Greenguard Gold certification. We prioritize your well-being by crafting interior decorations with minimal VOC emissions. This certification assures that our products contribute to healthier indoor air quality, promoting a safer and more comfortable environment for you and your loved ones.

FSC Certificate

Discover the beauty of responsibly sourced interior decorations. Our FSC certification guarantees that our products, including stunning wall murals, are crafted from materials derived from well-managed forests. By choosing our FSC-certified items, you support sustainable practices that safeguard forest ecosystems, biodiversity, and the planet’s future.


Experience peace of mind with our phthalate-free certified products. Our commitment to your health and safety means that our interior decorations, like our wall stickers and wall borders, are entirely free from harmful phthalates. Enjoy the aesthetics of your space without compromising on air quality or well-being, as our certification ensures the absence of these potentially harmful substances.

Oeko-Tex Certificate

The Oeko-Tex certificate guarantees that our textiles meet strict humane-ecological standards, without harmful substances. It guarantees consumer safety with a focus on health and sustainability throughout production. From our curtains to decorative pillows, this certification supports a healthier and more environmentally conscious world.

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