A physical wall decoration connected to the digital world!

What is Decoactive.

Decoactive is a groundbreaking way of decorating your walls, which seamlessly merges the realms of traditional art and modern technology, creating a bridge between physical and digital worlds. Your favorite decoration now comes equipped with a special tag, which lets you instantly connect and enjoy digital content on your mobile devices. Each decoration now becomes a gateway to a world of information, emotion and creativity.

How it works.

Install the product.

Install your chosen decoration on the wall while following the instructions. Each Decoactive product comes with a set of self-adhesive interactive tags. It’s completely up to you, where you want to install them. The tags can be seamlessly attached to the product itself or placed next to your favorite spot in the house. 

Scan the tag.

After installation is finished simply scan the tag. You can do so by placing your phone’s NFC reader on top of the tag. Be mindful, that usually Android phones have their NFC reader located on the back of the device, while iPhone’s NFC reader is located on the top front of the device. Upon read, a notification will appear. Tap it and a new dimension of artwork will come alive. 

Enjoy the content.

Now watch as the mural transcends it’s physical boundaries, with soundscapes and interactive elements that merge the real and virtual worlds. For the beginning of this project we prepared a collection of relaxing sounds and inspiring texts which will make you enjoy your wall decoration on a different level. 

Design Sneak Peek.

Choose Your Favorite Design

Choose Design
Sandy Beach
Sandy Beach
Relaxing !
Misty Forest
Misty Forest
Mystical !
Majestic Mountain
Amazing !
City Skyline
City Skyline
Breathtaking !
Dreamy Waves
Dreamy !

First collection coming soon.

Our first collection of Decoractive wall decoration will be coming soon! 

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Project Backstory.

Decoractive was born from the desire to break down the barriers between traditional wall decoration and the ever-evolving digital landscape. It began within our company with a single goal – to transform static wall murals into captivating gateways of exploration and wonder.

Months of brainstorming, collaboration, and technological exploration followed. Our company embarked on a mission to seamlessly blend the tactile beauty of mural art with the boundless possibilities of digital interactivity.

The project journey was not without its challenges. From perfecting the integration of QR codes and NFC tags into the intricate details of murals to carefully selecting sound and image collections. All this lead to creation of first interactive interior decoration.

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