1. Withdrawal from the contract


In accordance with Act No. 367/2000 Coll., the “Buyer” has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract within 14 calendar days of receiving the goods (without giving reasons or penalties). The “Seller” has the obligation to return within 14 days of withdrawal the financial sums paid, which include, in addition to the purchase price for the goods, the costs for the delivery of the goods. This right is conditioned by a method of ordering other than in person. The “Buyer” realizes the aforementioned right by personally returning the goods or delivering them at his own expense to the “Seller” via one of the carriers.


In the event that the “Buyer” decides to withdraw from the contract, he must unconditionally fulfill the following conditions:


·the goods must be undamaged, without signs of use or wear


·the goods must be packed in the original packaging


·the goods must be returned with all accessories (i.e. including instructions, warranty cards, etc.).


The “Buyer” cannot withdraw from the purchase contract if the goods are delivered exactly according to the wishes of the “Buyer” or for his person.



2. Liability for defects (complaints)


  The “Seller’s” complaint conditions are fully in accordance with Act No. 40/1964 Coll. (Civil Code – hereinafter referred to as “the Act”). In situations that are not directly addressed by the “Seller’s” complaint conditions, the procedure is in accordance with the provisions of this “Law”.


The right from liability for defects (hereinafter referred to as “Complaint”) can only be applied to goods purchased from the “Seller” and within the warranty period.


3. Warranty period


  The length of the warranty period is indicated on the tax receipt for the goods. If this information is not stated on the document, the warranty period established by the “Law” applies and is 24 months (except for the exceptions stated in the “Law”).



4. Obvious deficiencies and defects of goods


  If the ordered goods show obvious defects already upon receipt of the goods, the “Buyer” has the right not to accept such goods. In such a case, the goods will be sent back to the “Seller”, who is obliged to rectify the defective condition and resend the goods to the “Buyer” as soon as possible.


In the event that any defects occur during the use of the goods during the warranty period, the “Buyer” can proceed in accordance with these complaints


terms and apply “Complaint”.



5. Wallpaper complaint conditions


In the event that the “Buyer” applies a “Complaint” to the purchased wallpapers, he must comply with the following conditions of the “Seller”, which are absolutely necessary for the positive handling of the “Complaint”:


· the wallpaper roll must be intact (i.e. not used in any way)


· each claimed roll must be accompanied by an original label


“Complaints” cannot be applied to wallpaper already pasted on the wall (or on another surface). Therefore, the “Buyer” is obliged to check each roll of wallpaper before the application itself, so that no defects or color deviations are detected on the wallpaper until after it has been cut or even after it has been glued to the substrate.


6. Sending the claimed goods


In the case of sending the claimed goods to the “Seller” via a transport service, the “Buyer” is obliged to enclose a completed claim application with the goods. You can obtain this application in different ways (download it from the Internet, request it to be sent by e-mail, by phone or by post).


In the case of sending the claimed goods to the “Seller”, the day of receipt of the “Complaint” is considered the day of receipt of the last part of the goods


“Seller”. The day of processing the “Complaint” is considered the day of handing over the processed “Complaint” to the transport service. In this case, the “Buyer” is also obliged to send the claimed goods together with all accessories and a request for a “Complaint” and a copy of the tax document. The “buyer” is obliged to prepare the goods for transport in such a way that the goods are not damaged. During this transport, the “Buyer”, who applies the “Complaint”, is responsible for proper delivery to the “Seller”.


Send the claimed goods to the address Průmyslova 1953, Čelákovice, 25088


7. Complaint settlement


“Complaints” must be handled without delay and in the shortest possible time. The money for the returned goods will be returned to the “Buyer” within 14 days from the delivery of the return notification, if the returned goods have been returned to the “Seller” by this time. The maximum period for processing a complaint is 30 days from the day following the day of delivery of the complaint request to the “Seller”, unless the “Seller” agrees with the “Buyer”


for a longer period. If the “Complaint” is not resolved after the specified period, the “Buyer” has the same rights and obligations as if it were an irreparable defect.


The “Buyer” is obliged to take over the processed “Complaint” as soon as possible at the request of the “Seller”, or to agree on the terms of transport with




The “Seller” will mark the “Complaint” as unauthorized if:


· the defect was caused by inappropriate handling or use




·the defect was caused as a result of a natural disaster or violent damage

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