1. Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) represents legal framework protection personal data valid on throughout EU territory which defends right their citizens against unauthorized handling their _ data and personal data . GDPR takes over all existing principles protection and processing data , on of which union system protection personal data stands and confirms that _ protection travels over border simultaneously with personal ones data .

2. Accordingly _ _ further In general ordinance develops and strengthens right people concerned processing , in both components : have ( get ) information about which their data they are processed and why , and to enforce compliance rules , including corrections status . The GDPR puts systematic emphasis on enforceability rights people and responsibilities administrators ( responsible for processing ).


1 Introduction provision

For needs these Policy means : 

1.1 Operator

– Business firm Sicherova 1664/3A, Kyje , 198 00, Prague, identification number: 25784447, a company registered in the commercial register maintained by the MoS in Prague, section C, insert 69958

– Web application

– These Policies acquire effectiveness on 1.8.2020

– Operator operates above stated Web application . Within Web application they are By the operator processed Personal data stated in point 3.2 for the purpose / purposes mentioned below in point 3.3.

1.2 Validity listed Data and activities .

In the Principles they are marked valid and invalid statement . Expression they are structured into unnumbered lists .

1.3 Administrator

– An administrator is a person who data manages , deletes , forgets , edits , transfers , secures deleting data from all of them advances

Name : Tamara Moroz , Email address : [email protected]

– Operator as administrator Personal data hereby informs about the method and scope processing Personal data , including scope rights To a subject ( such as this one defined below ) related to processing his Personal data .

2 Related documents

Introduction related documents .

These Principles they complement Commercial conditions which _ they are available :

3 Protection personal data and processing information _

3.1 Subject

The subject is physical person to whom personal _ data concern ( further just ” Subject “). Subject it isn’t legal person . Data relating to legal about myself so they are not personal data .

3.2 Personal data is understood

For needs these Policy with Personal data understands :

– Email

– Name and surname

– Correspondence physical address user

– Phone

– Information about the purchase ( goods , price , quantity , content cart )

– After logging into the system we record information about the visit Subject certainly pages and views content Web application

– IP address computers whose computerized networks

– Usage information _ pages registered of users (URL, time on page , etc. )

– Identification number entrepreneur physical person and tax identification number entrepreneur physical persons .

3.2.1 Sensitive data

Sensitive data they are not processed .

3.3 Purpose processing personal data

Personal data subjects they are used for these purposes ( services ):

– Business activities settlement e- shop orders for: 5 years. If Subject will not provide yours Personal data , it is not possible conclude contract with the Operator and/ or provide him services from it resulting from . Personal data are in this one context necessary to provide specific services whose product The operator . For the purpose fulfillment legal responsibilities archiving accountants documents based on Act No. 563/1991 Coll., on accounting , v wording later ones regulations they will Personal data ( except e- mail address and phone number numbers ) further processed and stored for a period of 5 years from a year following the year in which a closure has occurred contracts between By the Operator and the Subject .

– Registration to: processing e – shop orders for purpose closure contract , for the duration contractual relationship .

– Business message , Newsletter – mission offers for goods or service , and messages that lead to sales by time log out of the subject from the collection commercial message . Saving Email addresses and names are with the processor Mailchimp for purpose possible future sending news related to demand service and requested commercial message for: than Subject requests deletion . _ Personal data they will processed for purposes marketing and business communication for a period of 5 years from grant consent .

– Improvement ours services and content Web application ( e.g. for design adjustments Web application ) for: 2 years

– To send information about changes to your registration account , information about activities which concern whose follow up on yours activity ( e.g. reaction to your _ comment , information about the change prices monitored goods …) for a period of: 2 years.

– Remarketing – inclusion in remarketing audience , the processor of Cookies is a third party page , usually Google, Sklik , Facebook. Remarketing is used to display advertising communication visitors website for : 30 days

3.4 Processors

Who they are processors which _ they use administrators to processing personal data and company third parties pages ).

– Internal registration of data in tools : information system , e- shop administration on address web application K above mentioned purposes .

– Google LLC (the ” Google Company “) with registered office on at 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States states American to data : Cookie for purpose Remarketing , which allows again to address Subject who _ already in the past visited Web . Advertisements to them they can display when _ passes through other websites in Content the Google network . Remarketing. Operator uses G Suite and Google Cloud Platform services , whose operation is in accordance with European ones standards protection personal data .

– ičo : 26168685, to which Data : Sklik is a Czech PPC system of, which allows imaging advertisements in search on and on most visited websites internet . Visitor incoming over advertising Click them then recognized Thanks stored of record in his computer – a cookie valid for 30 days . Remarketing. Subject takes on awareness that _ can the company ‘s cookies are stored on his device .

– Facebook Inc., Menlo Park, California , USA to which data : Stores cookies to customize and measure ads and create safer environment . More information Remarketing.

– Heureka Shopping sro , to what data : Information about the purchased item goods , Email and purposes : sending email with a request for evaluation purchase. Email system : Mass e- mails company does not send . Subject sends out e- mails only related to settlement orders and complaints .

3.5 Acceptance / consent to processing personal data

Acceptance / consent to processing personal data they express Subjects by these ways .

– Consent is expressed by myself by entering personal data and their by sending ( i.e. by clicking on respectively button ). The page contains information about processing personal data . Agreement emerges from context and process . Subject takes on awareness that _ by sending filled out of registration forms starts processing Personal data By the operator .

– By logging in with their own registration data

– I have retroactively documentable all needed things ( consent ) for EU citizens ( when actively agreed to trade message etc. ). As recorded that _ agreement granted : in the e- shop database

– If Subject will not provide yours Personal data , it is not possible By the operator provide services mentioned in chapter 3.3. Personal data are in this one context necessary to provide specific services whose product The operator .

3.6 Impersonal data

For clarity we introduce impersonal data which _ we record , i.e. it isn’t need agreement Subject .

– Cookies necessary for running Web application

– Anonymous visits pages ( e.g. URL, browser , geolocation , operational system visitor )

3.7 Rights and Obligations

– Operator will spend maximal efforts to avoid unauthorized _ processing Personal data .

– The subject is obliged Operators provide only true and accurate Personal data .

– Subject has right its consent ( in cases where processing Personal data takes place on the basis of consent ) to the processing provided Personal data at any time appeal to email address Administrator . Appeal consent to processing Personal data however it isn’t possible in scope and for purposes fulfillment legal responsibilities By the operator . By appeal consent it isn’t affected legality processing based on consent granted before his by appeal . Appeal consent too doesn’t have effect on processing Personal data which _ administrator processes on the basis of another legal basis than consent ( i.e. especially if the processing necessary for fulfillment contracts , legal responsibilities or from others reasons listed in valid legal regulations ).

Subject has further right :

– access to Personal data ;

– for repair provided Personal data ;

– for deletion provided Personal data ;

– on restrictions processing Personal data ;

– submit complaint to the Protection Office personal data .

In the event that the Subject believed that _ Operator performs processing his Personal data that is in violation of protection his private and personal of life or contrary to the relevant legal regulations , in particular if they are Personal data imprecise with regard to purpose their processing , can :

– to ask The operator for an explanation , by e- mail to e-mail address address Administrator

– raise objection against processing and request by e- mail sent to email address Administrator to Operator ensured removal thus created status ( e.g. by blocking , execution repairs , additions or liquidation personal data ). Operator on objection immediately decides and informs Subject . If the Operator does not comply objection , has Subject right contact the Protection Office directly _ _ personal data . With this provision it isn’t affected authorization Subject turn around _ my own at the request of the Protection Office personal data directly .

– If the Subject requests information about the scope whose way processing of their own Personal data , it is the Operator obliged this information hand over immediately , at the latest but into one months from receiving requests By the operator at the address Administrator

– If Subject applies right of access to Personal data in electronic form , the Operator required him information will provide also in electronic form , unless Subject asks for another way providing information .

– The operator is authorized in the event repetitive and unreasonable requests for provision physical copy processed Personal data charge adequate charge for administrative costs with it connected _

– The buyer consent to storage the so- called cookies on his computer . If the purchase is on the web _ page possible perform and commitments seller from purchase contracts fill without saving _ _ _ _ the so- called cookies on the computer the buyer can buyer agreement according to previous sentences at any time revoke .

4. Final provision

– Everything legal relation ships arising in connection with processing Personal data is governed legal in order Czech republic , without regardless of where from was access to them implemented . To solve any disputes arising in connection with protection privacy between Subject and Operator they are respectively Czech the courts .

– In relation to this Web application they can be Personal data transmitted over international borders to the places where they are located servers supporting Web pages .

– Subjects who _ through of registration forms will provide yours Personal data for purpose closure contract with the Operator whose will provide consent to processing Personal data so does voluntarily , by myself on behalf of the Operator their activity no doesn’t drive .

– Wording Principles can Operator alter whose to supplement About each such change Operator informs Subjects by e- mail at least 30 days before by acquisition effectiveness changes .


– These Principles acquire effectiveness day mentioned in chapter 1

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